Welcome To Our “New” Website

The website you are visiting today is “new”, but the company behind the site is anything but.  We are celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2012, as well as our 12th year online.  As in the 24 preceding years, our open to the public store near Pinehurst, N.C. will continue to be the hub to which all the other “spokes”  of our business connect.  If we are to keep the ball (or wheel if you prefer to continue with just one metaphor) rolling in 2012 and beyond, this website will be a vital tool for doing so.

Our old website performed quite well in allowing customers all over the world to access our basic line of knit clothing.  The customer response we’ve had has always exceeded our expectations as we have pushed to make Made in the USA mean something again and satisfy people of a like mind who want to believe that.

As good as the site was, it did have limitations.  With the launch of this site many new services are now possible.  Customers now receive an automatic confirmation of their order as soon as it’s placed and have a much easier route to email us with comments and questions.  Answering questions quickly and satisfactorily has already resulted in more orders and more satisfied customers.  Soon we will be launching 2 new additions made possible by the new technology of this site.  Discounted Made in the USA fabrics and a new Boutique selection of items from other manufacturers which we sell in our store, high quality in season goods at below retail prices, will be available soon.

So, thanks for coming today.  We look forward to shipping your order promptly and accurately.  More importantly, we look for you to come back real soon…Darrell