Too Much Crap

Pumpkin Creek Clothing has been online for 16 years.  During that time we have always processed our orders through Paypal, which we consider the most secure site around.  We receive only the order you place and shipping information like your name and address.  The transaction is nearly instantaneous and we process the order promptly.  Your personal financial information is not shared with anyone, not even us.  We have no idea how you paid, only that you did.   Paypal gets  a small fee for securely handling your order at our expense, but that is fine with us.   In return we have had sixteen years of faultless handling of orders and no compromised financial information or irate customers suffering from identity theft.  Lately we have received complaints that our site appears unsecure, mostly from wedsite designers who want to  “fix us” or “reinvent us” or “gain us a better listing ” on Google.  We’re tired of receiving all of the crap emails from people wanting to “fix what ain’t broken”.   Paypal has always handled your money when you have ordered from at no additional cost to you.  And they always will.  They”ll take your card, any card, and never share your financial information with us.  Buy securely.  Browsers just browse, but please, crappers, no more crap!