Still Crazy After All These Years

During 2018 we at Pumpkin Creek Clothing are celebrating our 30th year in business.  For almost 20 of those years we have had our online site up and running and spreading our assortment of Made in the USA knit clothing around the world.   As the big box stores shrank the market for family owned “mom and pop” stores, the web  allowed us to remain a viable business no matter how many still chose to walk into our brick and mortar location.   We got in the online business early enough for it to have a life-saving impact on us.

There is no doubt that mega-merchants now threatened to eat up us smaller sites as they strive to squeeze out every cent of business possible.  For a while we tried to compete by shrinking our offerings and not taking a gamble on as many styles as we had.  No more.  With a renewed vigor and commitment to maintaining a decent business to pass to our next generation we have begun expanding our selections.The pocket pant and pocket capris have returned to our site.   The ever popular summer tank top has as well.  Based on continued analysis of our business others may follow.  We not only invite you to view our present selections, but we ask for your suggestions as well.  Contact us at with your ideas and we’ll answer within 24 hours.   We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for your support for Made in the USA companies and have a wonderful Summer 2018.