Don’t Look For “Made on Moon” Labels

With 2019 we are well into our 31st year in business.  The step is slower, the hair is more grey, but our determination to offer Made in the USA clothing at the lowest possible price is just as strong as ever.   Nearly everything else in the garment business has changed .  Country of origin no longer matters to most people.  Labels makers would prefer a new simplified label that just said “Made in World”.  For those who have long wondered why America never returned to the moon, let me inform you that is was because there was no labor found there to exploit.  If things couldn’t be made there, why bother?  If we had found any labor, the sun would now, no doubt, be blocked out once a day by the giant transport taking raw materials and returning at night with finished goods for consumption.   Thus “Made on Moon” labels are only available in the discount racks or at factory yard sales.  Even if you see clothes online bragging about being made on the moon, or extolling the virtue of being manufactured  under weightless conditions, know it just ain’t s0!

Meanwhile, back here in West End, North Carolina, USA,Earth Pumpkin Creek will continue the grind, making our line of 100 % cotton knits for ladies, and dickies for both sexes, as cheaply as possible to assure you the best value anywhere.  Thanks for your business and support for a small, Made in the USA company.