Big Change For Fall 2019

Entering our 18th year of online sales we have come full circle.  From starting small and gradually adding additional styles and selections to now cutting back to nothing but dickies and our boutique we have tried it all.  Our motivation every year has been to maintain low prices, guarantee prompt delivery, and maintain a predictable environment to produced a consistent product profitably.  Faced with higher and higher fabric and delivery costs we have had a slight price increase this year, but no where near as high as it would have had to have been if we had continued a full line of ladies knits in as many colors as we offered.  The amount of outside labor required by our more restrictive line  will allow us to stay in business and maintain prompt deliveries.  When the Walmarts and Amazons of the world can dictate what a company can yield from their individual efforts it’s time to try to avoid direct competition while still offering a distinctive product for customers to consider.    Our DICKIES are just such a product.  Larger and longer than many offered online at much higher prices, we are proud to continue offering the same product that have set the bar for others for 18 years.  So shop our selection and expect prompt service.  i